Getting older versions of TeamViewer is hard to find on their website – so here’s a copy: >> TeamViewer 10 <<

The plan is to monitor: OID: . | ccmHistoryRunningLastChanged | TimeTicks (SNMPv2-SMI) OID: . | ccmHistoryRunningLastSaved| TimeTicks (SNMPv2-SMI) If the value of ccmHistoryRunningLastChanged is greater than ccmHistoryRunningLastSaved, the configuration has been […]

I have forked zfswatcher and added the ability to configure the web root. added to /etc/zfs/zfswatcher.cfg under stanza [www] ; ; alternate root directory – formatted as /zfs rootdir = […]

If you’ve grabbed a copy of the rsc files to replicate my lab setup I’ll give you a few pointers with regard to setting up the VMs. The hyper-visor I […]